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Love Always Wins

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Welcome to Lomi Heart Centre`s first Blog...

It is our mission always give value to those we meet, when you work with us it is important that you always walk away feeling nurtured, understood and cared about, regardless of weather you are seeing us for massages, coaching or healings. We promise to always deliver our services with love, compassion and authenticity. When you work with us you will always have a heart centred experience.

We are dedicating our first blog to couples who may be struggling in their relationship.

I want to share that we have both been married and we have both struggled in relationships after our marriages. We also want you to know that a loving, passionate relationship is absolutely possible if you are willing to participate in your own growth to give your relationship its best chance of survival. Through everything we have learned and the mistakes we have made it is our mission to help you not experience the heartache that we both have.

Think about your relationship right now.

Go back in time and picture the most loving experiences you have had with your partner? I know you are smiling, aren’t you?

That feeling of butterflies in your stomach is still there, isn’t it?

If you can still feel that, you know in your heart that you really love your partner and want this to work. Yes, I also know that you are scared. You are scared to be open, scared to be vulnerable. Let me tell you there is nothing scarier than staying right where you are.

Once upon a time you were able to communicate freely and then things changed for whatever reason. You may have just become used to biting your tongue and saying nothing. You can only do that for so long and then there is an almighty explosion of words that once are said, cannot be taken back!

You look at each other differently, you speak to each other without the love that was there before. You really want this to change, don`t you? We know you do.

Trust us to show you that loving, authentic communication isn’t difficult.

We can`t wait to meet you.

With Gratitude,

Carol & Luke

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