Carol's Testimonials



Aaron Spence - November 2017​

I've been fortunate enough to have Carol as one of my coaches for several months now. Her insights and calmness have kept me on track.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to go through a breakthrough session with her. Carol was masterful in finding out all the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions getting in the way of what I ultimately deserve in my life.

She helped me discover that something holding me back as an adult came about when I was actually very young. She handled everything that came up with compassion and empathy. As you can imagine, dealing with negative emotions and self imposed limitations can be challenging and draining. She held space for me, was strong and provided a safe environment, allowing me to really open up and learn what I needed from the experiences in my past to move forward and attract what deserve out of life.

I now feel stronger within myself, acting with certainty. Knowing I truly am both worthy and good enough to attract what I want from life and to impact the world in the endeavours I am pursuing.

Since the breakthrough I carry myself with a new energy. Certain, strong, confident. I follow the tasks she has set me and the results have been astounding.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Carol to anyone. She is an amazing coach and I am truly grateful to have her as part of my team.

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