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Karen Anne ( March 2018 )

💆‍♀️ Massage Hair, Don’t Care 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Today I said YES to me, the real me! I listened to my inner voice and what followed I can only describe as surreal bliss 💕.

I had never before had a lomi massage but I can tell you I will be back to visit Luke and his gorgeous wife Carol at @lomi_heart_centre...

See even as a coach I need to work on my stuff and let go in order serve others but more importantly and even selfishly to serve myself. 

I have been blessed to know Luke for many years, and he SAW me back then, but me in my previous state and fear of intimacy created distance and separation. 

He sees me, but I wasn’t ready to see myself. 

Thank the Universe, God my Higher self THAT has shifted. 

During my Lomi massage today I gifted myself the release of anger, being thankful for its higher purpose of protection and letting it go, I released sadness and thanked it for teaching what is important to me. I let go of fear of being loveable thanking it for its higher purpose of keeping me safe. I acknowledged the hurt I have experienced and thanked it for its wisdom and released guilt knowing that I felt it because I have everyone’s best interests at heart except my own and had made choices based out of the previous emotions. 

To be completely vulnerable as I lay there with only a sarong and trusting that the hands and energy working on me had my best interests at heart and wanted nothing more from me than for me to know, absolutely undoubtably, how loved I was, while helping release all the couped up energy held within my cells was nothing short of one of the best experiences of my life.

Once the massage finished to hold a gaze with someone who really saw me was something else, it is definitely a feeling foreign to me but even foreign soil can feel like home. Infinite Love that we are but an extension of when shared, without expectation is truly a wonderful thing. 

Self love 💕 May be considered by some as selfish, but it is a necessity in this life. The more you give yourself the more you have to out pour Into others. 

How will you honour yourself today? 

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