A Time To Be...

7 Day Women's Retreat

The Cove Bali

5th - 12th September 2019

Is this retreat for you?

Your heart is breaking, you feel lost, unsure of which way to turn. We feel you beautiful lady and there is no need to feel this way anymore, time to let it all go!

You’re feeling unheard, unseen, misunderstood? but let me reassure you that you are not alone, this is only the beginning for you, here on our bespoke retreat you have three passionate heart centred coaches and healers who have dedicated their life to guiding others in to their true authentic self.

We know it is scary making a decision like this to become vulnerable into the unknown but this is where the magic happens and every other lady on this retreat will be feeling the same way as you.

Let us take care of you, let this be a time for you to just be and surrender with us in a safe, tranquil space in paradise Bali.. here you will feel the care, love and support from us so you can powerfully reconnect with yourself.
We guide you into the magic of who you really are with 1-1 healing/coaching and group work.
This is your time to let go and have the space to connect deeply within yourself.

Be brave enough to walk into the darkness holding our hands tightly so together we can bring you into the light. There will be tears, breakdowns, laughter, play, dancing, uncertainty, excitement and life changing breakthroughs. 

We’ve got you. This carefully designed authentic retreat has been created with 100% love, passion and strength to powerfully hold this space for all 10 women to find their truth within our all inclusive 7 day retreat!

If you are going to do anything for yourself then do this!

What you will experience is:
Sound healing
Core energy cleansing
Group energy healing
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
Inner child healing
Goddess power circle
Freedom dancing
Circle of truth
Timeline therapy
Group past life regression
Goal setting
Live rock band entertainment on the last night
Plus many more activities announced soon..

Much Love from Carol, Amy, Luke & Emma