Are you a single woman wanting a relationship? 

I know you are really wanting a relationship full of love, trust, passion and commitment...

However, time and time again you

attract the wrong men. Why does this happen?

1. You are not clear enough about what you want in a partner, clarity is everything. 2. You haven’t done the work on yourself first (this is crucial to your happiness) 3. In the past you may have settled for less than you truly deserve.

Let`s change this right now!



Amazing YOU 

6 week program - Available NOW

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  • Reconnect with your true feminine essence.

  • Recognise behaviours that need to change

  • Understand your love language

  • Identify your ultimate relationship vision

  • Learn to get clear and specific about your perfect partner 

  • Managing your state

  • The 3 stages of feminine and masculine development

  • The 6 human needs

  • 5 relationship stressors

  • Values